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PostSubject: Game Time Info   Game Time Info Icon_minitimeTue May 17, 2011 10:22 pm

Game Times


I have been giving this some thought and at first.... This is how is will have to be.

Posting in yer scenez - 4:30 pm - 8:00 pm M-T (Eastern Standard Time)
-Will need to read, update the site, relax etc after. You all wear me out.

Weekends- Available Almost All The Time

Wednesday through Saturday of this week however... I will be on sparingly. So the posts might come to a crawl.

I do not want you all to stop RP'ing and worry about the rules. Or what is proper, I will make mistakes as will you.

Those of you who have been reading or know a bit more share some stuff with the others. Have discussions on it, hell I might be wrong on a few things. But again, as long as you all have fun who gives a fig?

- I do not care, but you also might wanna take this time to read to?

I do not know everything and I know I might be wrong sometimes well alot of times. But just remind me and the like and you may get a job lol.

This game started to soon, but you all will soon make it Epic. You guys rock and I mean that. Thanks.
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Game Time Info
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