Rage Across New York

World of Darkness RP based on Werewolf the Apocalypse
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• Ahroun:

Full Moon—Warriors and protectors, they fight like no other auspices and bring destruction to the Wyrm wherever it dwells and breeds.

Initial Rage: 5

Beginning Gifts: Falling Touch, Inspiration, Razor Claws

Beginning Renown: 2 Glory, 1 Honor

• Galliard:

Gibbous Moon — Lorekeepers and Talesingers, they remember Garou history and teach it through their impassioned tales.

Initial Rage: 4

Beginning Gifts: Beast Speech, Call of the Wyld,

Beginning Renown: 2 Glory, 1 Wisdom

• Philodox:

Half Moon — Judges and lawkeepers, they adjudicate challenges between Garou and often serve as final arbiters.

Initial Rage: 3

Beginning Gifts: Resist Pain, Scent of the True Form,
Truth of Gaia

Beginning Renown: 3 Honor

• Ragabash :

New Moon —Tricksters and questioners, they fight the Wyrm with guile and cleverness.

Initial Rage: 1

Beginning Gifts: Blur of the Milky Eye, Open Seal,
Scent of Running Water

Beginning Renown: Three in any combination.

• Theurge:

Crescent Moon — Seers and shamans, they speak to spirits and understand their ways.

Initial Rage: 2

Beginning Gifts: Mother's Touch, Sense Wyrm,
Spirit Speech

Beginning Renown: 3 Wisdom

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