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 Speaking (The Mothers Tongue)

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PostSubject: Speaking (The Mothers Tongue)   Speaking (The Mothers Tongue) Icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 3:36 pm

In homid and Glabro, Garou can speak the Mother's Tongue and human tongues fluently with no hindrance. They can also communicate with gestures and expressions, and it all goes off expression.

In Lupus and Hispo, Garou can only communicate basic concepts such as prey, follow, yield. These are gestures and expressions, and go off primal urge to both use and understand. This is also instinctive to all Garou.
So no lengthy conversations in these forms. Shift to a more evolved form to use sentences.

In Crinos: Garou can force a few grunted and growled words out.

The Mother's Tongue: As far as I'm aware (and I could be wrong) there is no actual indication that the Mother's tongue is easier for Crinos than human tongues are. However: I do treat it that way in my game. So Crinos Garou can speak the Mother's Tongue fluently and with no trouble.

Finally, on howls: Garou can howl in Crinos, Lupus, and Hispo. Forms with higher stamina can howl louder and more effectively. Howls are specific (see the corebook for more information) and can include a lot of information if the howler has a high expression pool. Howls that are just meant to sound fancy go off performance instead.

All Garou are taught the Mother's Tongue by the time they're ready for their rite of passage. So all Cliath should speak it.

All Garou instinctively know how to communicate with wolves. Those with high primal urge are just better at it.
Finally, for human tongues, see the below for my rules for linguistics.
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Speaking (The Mothers Tongue)
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