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The Litany
Bearing Metis cub-7-3
Fathering Metis cub-5-2
Ignoring wyrm existence-2-2
Ignoring wyrm spread-3-2-4
Deliberately violating territory-5-2
Not accepting honorable surrender-2-7-2
Not submitting to higher station-3
Withholding the first of the kill for yourself-2
Withholding the first of the kill for another-1
Consuming the flesh of kin-6-3
Abusing others of Gaia-4
Protecting the Veil4
Harming/rending the Veil (leaving hard evidence)-5
Repairing the Veil (covering up an instance that could reveal the Garou)31
Being a drain on
Refusing a honorable challenge-2
Challenging a decision during war-2-4-2
Violating a caernAll.
Permitting a caern to be deliberately violated-8-10-5
Permitting a caern to be violated through ignorance-3-5-2
Failing to prevent a caern from being violated-1-2
Keeping a caern safe from humans through trickery or negotiation4
Helping to prevent a caern from being overrun by the Wyrm34
Died while defending a caern (posthumous)55
Single-handedly preventing a caern from being taken by the Wyrm55
Besting someone (including a spirit) in a riddle contest3
Showing restraint in the face of certain death1 3
Ending a threat without serious harm to any Garou5
Attacking a much more powerful force without aid-3
Attacking a dangerous opponent without regard to personal safety3
Winning a battle...
...without a single other Garou being hurt1
...without being damaged or hurt in the process1
...the minions were armed with silver weapons1
Earning a battle scar1
Earning a battle scar and healing it immediately-2
Healing a battle scar at a later date-1
Against the Wyrm
Surviving any toxic waste attack2
Defeating a minor minion of the Wyrm (a Kalus, Bane-infested animal, a neonate vampire)2
Defeating an average minion of the Wyrm (a Blight Child, fomor, an average vampire)3
Defeating a strong minion of the Wyrm (a Psychomachiae, a Black Spiral Dancer, an ancilla vampire)5
Defeating a very powerful minion of the Wyrm (a Nexus Crawler, a higher rank Black Spiral Dancer, an elder vampire)7
...destroying/killing the minion1
Against the Weaver
Defeating a minor minion of the Weaver (a Kalus, Bane-infested animal, a neonate vampire)1
Defeating an average minion of the Weaver (a Blight Child, fomor, an average vampire)2
Defeating a strong minion of the Weaver (a Psychomachiae, a Black Spiral Dancer, an ancilla vampire)4
Defeating a very powerful minion of the Weaver (a Nexus Crawler, a higher rank Black Spiral Dancer, an elder vampire)7
Detecting the Wyrm
Revealing, with certain proof, that a human or kinfolk is "of the Wyrm"2
Falsely accusing humans of being "of the Wyrm"-1-1
Falsely accusing Kinfolk of being "of the Wyrm"-2-3
Revealing, with certain proof, that an area or object is "of the Wyrm"3
Falsely accusing an area or object of being "of the Wyrm" if that item is the responsibility of other Garou-3-3
Revealing, with certain proof, that a Garou is "of the Wyrm"6
Falsely accusing a Garou of being "of the Wyrm"-5-4
Purifying a Wyrm-tainted object. person or place2
Spirit Interaction
Summoning an Incarna avatar2
Summoning an Incarna for no good reason-3
Dealing with a spirit rather than binding it1
Knowing and offering correct chiminage before being asked.1
dealing generously11
Helping another fulfill an agreement with a spirit1
Breaking an agreement with a spirit-3-2
Releasing a spirit from taboo-induced slumber1
Causing a spirit to fall into Slumber-1
Completing chiminage quest1 1
Releasing a spirit from unjust bondage (including fetishes)21
Binding a spirit to an inappropriate task-2-1
Binding an inappropriate spirit to a task-1-1
Traveling to any Umbral Realm and surviving3
Succesfully completing a spirit quest in the Umbra3
Failing to Succesfully complete a spirit quest in the Umbra-3
Prophecy and Oracles
Having and properly following a prophetic dream5
Following another's prophetic dream2
Consulting an oracle and successfully interpreting its advice2
Giving a prophetic warning that later comes true5
Giving a prophetic warning that does not come true-4
Ignoring omens, dreams and the like for no good reason (ie: they may be of the Wyrm)-3
Discovering Lost Lore
Discovering a talen1
Discovering mystic lore2
Discovering ancient Garou lore13
Discovering a Pathstone3
Discovering a fetish4
Discovering an ancient caern that was lost37
Binding "inappropriate" items to oneself through Talisman Dedication-2
Spending a year in ritual seclusion (fasting, meditation, etv)5
Performing a Moot Rite2
Refusing to perform a Moot Rite when asked-3
Missing a Moot Rite-1
Performing the Rite of Passage21
Receiving a Rite of Wounding2
Performing a Rite of Caern Building357
Participating in a Rite of Caern Building53
Participating in a successful Great Hunt rite3
Participating in a failed Great Hunt rite-2
Suffering the Rite of Ostracism-1-7-1
Suffering the Stone of Scorn-8-2
Suffering the Rite of the Jackal-2-7
Suffering a Satire Ritelose one Rank and all temporary renown
Performing a Punishment Rite2
Performing a Punishment Rite unjustly (botching)-5-2
Refusing to participate in a rite-1
Giggling, joking or otherwise being disrespectful during a rite-1 to -5
Learning a new rite1 / level
Discovering/creating a new rite5
Discovering/creating a new Gift7
Fetishes and Talens
Creating a talen1
Creating a talen frivolously-1
Using a fetish for the good of the sept or tribe2
Using a fetish for selfish reasons only-2
Creating a fetish4
Owning a klaive (awarded once; only after three moons of use)11
Owning a Grand Klaive (awarded once; only after three moons of use)32
Sacrificing a fetish for the good of the sept of tribe22
Accidentally breaking a fetish or talen-1 to -5
Accidentally breaking or losing a klaive-3-4
Helping a Caern Elder in their caern duties1
Helping guard a caern1
Staying at your post when on caern watch, even when tempted not to21
Not staying at your post when on caern watch-3
Not helping guard a caern, even when asked-3
Garou Interaction
Teaching other garou
Mundane matters1
Umbral/Spirit matters23
Garou lore32
Tribal lore31
to level 411
to level 522
Learning the Silver Record, completely (a lifetime's work)78
For a homid Garou, surviving to age 75810
For a lupus Garou, surviving to age 65810
For a homid, ignoring one's wolf nature for too long-3
Ignoring one's wolf nature
Not gone to lupus at least 1/month-2
Attempting to solve garou-related problem alone-1
For a metis, attempting to hide one's deformity-3
For a lupus, using too many human tools and other Weaver things-1
Packs and Septs
You are pack leader (awarded once when position gained)3
Living alone, without one's pack, except for ritual reasons-3
Performing regular duties and chores for the sept (gained at monthly Moot Rite)1
Failing to perform regular dutis and chores for the sept (subtracted at monthly Moot Rite)-2
Serving in any sept position (ie: Caern Warder, Master of the Rite, Master of the Challenge)131
Refusing any sept position-1-2-1
Loyal service to a sept (gained once/year)121
Loyal service to a tribe (gained once/year)131
Participating in a just challenge12
Participating in an unjust challenge-3
Challenging someone too far above or too far below your Rank-3
Giving good advice2
Giving bad advice-2
Mediating a dispute fairly and impartially3
Mediating a dispute unfairly (eg: for the benefit of one particular side)-3-1
Mediating a dispute for the benefit of yourself-4-2
Keeping one's promises2
Failing to keep one's promises-3
Being truthful2
Being truthful in the face of extreme adversity5
Being deceptive-3
Being deceptive in the face of extreme adversity-1
Any time trickery backfires-2
Telling a good story (3 successes on both rolls)11
at a moot1
that is repeated by others (4 success on both)11
Being a braggart (botching the roll while telling one's own story)-1-1
Telling an epic that is entered into the Silver Record346
Attempting to act openly outside one's auspice, openly (depends on circumstances)-1 to -5
Speaking without permission at a moot-1
Speaking poorly of the Garou as a whole-2
Speaking poorly of one's auspice-4
Speaking poorly of one's pack-5
Speaking poorly of another tribe-6
Crying Wolf (summoning the Ahroun when of a sept when there is no real and present danger)-5
Supporting an innocent being accused of a crime (who is later proven innocent)5
Supporting an innocent who is later proven guilty-4
Showing mercy to a wayward Garou3
Protecting a helpless Garou4
Finding a lost cub32
Not protecting a helpless Garou-5
Death while defending your pack46
Death in sacrifice to Gaia77
Character suffered a Berserk frenzy-1
Character suffered a fox frenzy-1-1
Character suffered a fox frenzy, abandoning his pack in need-1-2
Character suffered a Berserk frenzy and injured fellow Garou-3
The character was in thrall of the Wyrm-4
The character performed a heinous act or acts while in thrall of the Wyrm-6
Kin Interaction
Protecting a helpless human2
Not protecting a helpless human-1
Harming a helpless human-2
Protecting a helpless lupus (wolf, dingo)5
Not protecting a helpless lupus-6
Maintaining good relations with nearby Kinfolk2
Having poor relations with nearby Kinfolk-3
Choosing a mate and breeding (when child born)3
Choosing a mate, but not breeding (per year)-1
Honourably mated (per year)2
Dishonourably mated (per month)-1
Tribe Considerations
Black Furies

Protection penalities -1 for women, 1 for men.


No awards for defeating the Weaver.

All Elder-interaction losses 1

Any human-interaction is 1 to reward and -1 to penalities
Children of Gaia

All glory awards at -1

All Elder-interaction losses 1
Black Furies
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Reknown Chart
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