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 The Niagra Protectorate

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The Niagara Protectorate:

The Niagra Protectorate Niagara%2BFalls%2B-%2BCanada

Dominated by the spectacular Niagara Falls. The spot is a place of great power,and supports a large Fianna population. The Utkena live in relative peace with the Fianna.

The land is by far the strongest enemy to the Wyrm. By the use of politics and zoning the Wyrms minions have tried to ruin the falls. But the beauty of the falls, shows Gaia's eternal beauty. The land is that of strong powers and magic.


Major Caern:

=-Caern of the White Water-=


Tribes and locations:

--Canadian waterfalls--


--Tuscarora Reservation--

-Utkena and their kinfolk

--Buffalo, NY--

-Fianna -who maintain a strong presence in the city.


Misc Tribes:
No multitribal packs are located within the Niagra Protectorate.


Near By Cities:
-Buffalo, NY

-New York City

The area is bordered by Lake Ontario to the north and Canada to the east and Pennsylvania to the south which includes the city of Buffalo. the Erie canal connects Buffalo to Lake Erie to New York and the Atlantic Ocean terminates here
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The Niagra Protectorate
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