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 The North County Protectoroate

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The North County Protectoroate:

Most of upstate New York is dominated by the huge Adirondack Park, the largest park in the continental U.S. The North Country is boredered by Canada to the north, Vermont to the east and Lake Ontario to the West. The St. Louis River diveides the land from Canada, and is the setting for the spectacular Thousand Islands.

Years of logging and mining devestated the lands of the North Country, but now populations of wild salmon and black bear are on the rise. The white tail deer have also grew larger in number, the area once more thrives. Though underneath the mountains, dwell something darker and at night. Screams coming from the bowels of Gaia's deep gorges come forth.
The individual tribes often do not unite to fight the wyrm. They do not see eye to eye and an uneasy truce can quickly turn into a contest. Bad blood runs deep between the borders.

Lake Champlain is the largest of the lakes in the area and is said to housed a monster similiar to that of the Loch Ness Monster, knonw as Champy. the sea monster often climbs through the Umbral Glen and enters the physical world. There are very few chances one will ever see this mythical beast.


Major Caern:

=-Caern of the Sentinel-=


Tribes and locations:

--North Country/Adirondack Protectorate--

-Get of Fenris
-Shadow Lords

--Northern Border, across the St. Louis River--

-Red Talons


Misc Tribes:

The Black Axe Pack (multitribal)- Based near the "Black River''

Saranac Stranglers- Based out of the "Saranac River". (Rivals of the Get of Fenris- the area is often contested over)


Near By Cities:

Utica is on the southern fringe of the North County Protectorate, and Schenectady, Albany and Troy are in the exttreme southeastern part of the area.

The smaller tribes often travel to the city, while those who reside in the Caern rarely venture into the city.
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The North County Protectoroate
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