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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Code of Conduct Icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 11:52 pm

Just some general rules to keep this a safe environment for roleplayers.

1. No ridiculously powerful characters. All character sheets need to be approved by Admin. All characters will be starting characters unless otherwise specified. Munchkinism is not tolerated, nor Mary Sues.

2. The obvious rule of no moving, speaking or acting for any character other than your own. Unless it has been OK'ed by the player.

3. Try not to post around characters if they are offline. A few posts is fine, but it's considered bad form to let them lag behind. If you know you will not be onlinemuch, please alert an Admin.

4. Pornography, everything in that respect will be rated PG-13. No sex scenes (keep them private if you absolutely must- and if you are consenting adults). Also there are to be no partially nude Avatars.

5. The atmosphere of the role-play is "Adult". If you have a problem with strong language or graphic violence, it is best you did not join.

6. Please be civil to other players. This rule does not extend In Character.

7. Be descriptive and creative in your posts. Although sometimes one liners are acceptable, don't make it a habit, it's not good replaying and it's a waste of web space.

8. Keep your head in game. The World of Darkness is one scary place, if you mess up, you die. And you cannot be resurrected. So if you like your character, know your limitations.

9. No meta-gaming. This is a big offense, so any such posts will be deleted.

10. Remember that we are all here to have fun, but if you do so at others expenses, they will be allowed to respond in kind, so don't do anything that you would complain others are doing to you.

Writing Tips

1. Ideally, use third person on the forum and past tense. I'm not enforcing the tense thing, as I know some people are just too wired to the present tense. But if you're wondering how to write, then third person present is best.

2. Please use quotation marks for speech or use another color.

3. Using foul language is fine as long as it's part of the character, but using it in your posts is just bad writing.

4. If you have to ask a question OOC, use the spoiler feature.

Enjoy your time here at Rage Across New York.
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Code of Conduct
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