Rage Across New York

World of Darkness RP based on Werewolf the Apocalypse
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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions Icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 11:30 pm

These are a few questions you might have about the game itself.
(Will add more when I get asked more things.)

1. Are you accepting new Characters?
Yes, although it's a good idea to PM me first and discuss the concept.

2. Can you give me an idea on the setting?
R.A.N.Y is set in 1996.

How many Garou are there in the city?
Two at the moment.

5. Are there any auspices/breeds/tribes that are not allowed?
See Character Creation Rules

6. Can I play some other type of were-changer?
At the moment, there are none.

7. What the hell do I do, I do not know this game?
Players that are not fimiliar with Werewolf, I will offer to start them out as cubs. They start with no gifts and they must be homid. I will choose your tribe and backgrounds for you. I will make it so you may get oriented with the plot. I would however suggest you dive in the deep end right off the bat. You are better off making a regular character.

8. Can I bring in my character from a Tabletop game or another forum game?
No, absolutely not. The Great Oz has spoken.

9. Can I make a stronger character to compete with those who have been around a long time?
No. Sorry, they earned it, get your stripes mate.

10. When do you give out XP and Renown?
Whenever I feel you deserve it for Reknown and every end of the game night I will award two XP.

12. Do you have any house rules?
Yes, they're in the rules section.

14. So what's the situation in New York?
Still being worked on.

15. Are there any packs in the city?
Again more to come later.

16. Are they recruiting?
You can determine that IC when you meet their respective Alphas.

17. Can new packs form?

No, for the time being.

18. Do I need to make my own rolls in combat?
In a combat situation, or any situation requiring a roll, you will declare your actions and then roll accordingly. I'll be fair.

19. How can I get myself banned from Rage Across New York?
It is pretty hard to get banned. But if you do not adhere to the code of conduct which can be found here: ____________- repeated offenses will result in being banned.

20. Can I play a Vampire on Rage Across New York?
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Frequently Asked Questions
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