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World of Darkness RP based on Werewolf the Apocalypse
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PostSubject: Greetings New Player   Greetings New Player Icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 9:58 pm

First and foremost welcome to Rage Across New York. Werewolf the Apocalypse is somewhat similiar yet so different to Vampire the Masquerade. It will involve different mechanics than what you are use to and include some (ie: rolls). But you will be able to adapt quickly. In short- or as short as possible.... Let us begin.

Introduction Article from White Wolf Wiki.

Please look over the following article before proceeding on...

Good you are still with me.

Forget what you know about big bad Werewolves, we call them Garou. They are not mindless killers, well except for say a few, such as the Get of Fenris. Take the Stargazers or Children of Gaia for example, these tribes do not wield Glaives and instruments of death- unless out of necessity. Garou are complex beings with deep emotions, some even rival those that the Kindred or "Rots" have.

Twighlight and the likes, forget about that mess. WoD is a scary place, vampires do not glow in the sun. They get crispy. The World of Darkness is a scary place- it is your job to cleanse the city of the Wyrm. Vampires are the epitome of the Wyrm. Seek them out if you are an Ahroun and never trust them regardless. You can't stand the bastards.

Garou can be anything, each are unique and have different abilities. They all play an important roll in their pack, which one will you join? Do the Garou plot and plan against each other? Of course. It is a dog eat dog world, and there is nothing like a challenge for position. Afterall what wolf does not want to be the Alpha?

On another not however, many Garou hold humanity closely and preserve it as best they can.

To keep things level headed and keep the group tight and wonderful, we will be allowing a maximum of 10 players at the time. Currently there are 5 Garou in town.
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Greetings New Player
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